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Not Accepting

Read below before I'll even consider you. When you comment. Let me know where you found me, too.

::Rules For Adding Me::
Add me first. If I don't add you within four days, delete me or I'll ban you.
Don't promote here. There's a promotion page for that.
If YoU TyPe LyKe DiS; DON'T BOTHER. You'll just end up pissing me off and get banned.
Make sure we have something in common.
I will not censor what I say in my journal for you. It is my journal. I am going to say whatever I please.
I live with my fiancé, we are getting married and starting our lives together, so obviously, I am going to talk about him a lot. If you can't handle that, its your problem not mine.
I probably won't comment much. Unless you write something where I have something to say, don't expect me to comment on every entry you make. If you're adding me hoping for comments, you probably won't get them.
If you are part of a lot of drama, don't bother. I graduated from high school, so save it for someone else. No drama please. I have enough of it in my life outside of livejournal for someone who hates it.
Please be at least 17. I might make exceptions if I've seen you around, but I wouldn't count on it.

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