About Me;
There's an 'About Me' survey under there plus some other random facts, etc.


I have a vagina.


Astrology sign:
I am a Cancer, but I'm not really into it.

I am roughly 5'4, so short. I currently have medium dark brown hair, but it will be dyed here shortly, so this is going to change. My hair is naturally a super-dark-almost-black brown. I have dark brown eyes. I wear glasses and sometimes contacts, but I need a new prescription. I have six piercings [two in each ear, tongue, belly], but I want at least three/four more in my ears, otherwise, I'm done with body piercings. I have huge boobs. Depending on the bra, I'm a DD, but I am sometimes larger.

What I usually wear:
jeans and a tee-shirt/tank top/hoodie ninety percent of the time. Its what I'm most comfortable in. I hate wearing shoes [but I love buying them]. I wish I could wear flip-flops twenty-four/seven. My engagement ring is always on my left hand, always. I only take it off to sleep.

Taylor, MI in the house Tommy and I bought in April of 2007. Before that, we had an apartment in Woodhaven that we were in for roughly a year [he moved in in April 2006, between then and June 7, I spent every weekend and day off there, then moved in officially June 7 2006]. I lived with my parents/grandparents/siblings before that in Melvindale/Allen Park and then in New Boston.

Significant Other:
Tommy. We've been together exclusively since October 8, 2003. We've had stupid day long break ups and fights, but we're in it for the long run. He proposed on June 10, 2006. We're getting married in May or June of 2009.

I have two younger siblings, Alex, fourteen and Alyssa, twelve. I have a few 'sisters' and 'brothers' that I swear we were separated at birth or whatever, but Alex and Alyssa are my actual blood siblings. I will have a brother/sister-in-law next year, Sam, eighteen in March of this year, and Lori, twenty-five in June of this year, but that won't be until next May

Living Situation:
I live in the house Tommy and I purchased. We and our pets out grew our apartment shortly after moving in, so we started looking. We fell in love with a three bedroom/one bath home in Taylor, MI. Its roughly 1100 square feet, perfect for the two of us, plus our pets [listed below]. We moved in to it in April 2007 and in August 2007, my cousin Johnny and his fiance, Trish, moved in with their two ball pythons and four dachshunds [three males and one female]. I am ready for them to leave. It took less than a month for their dogs to destroy my carpet and furniture. I'm over it.

I am a nanny for the time being, but this is only until June or September of this year, so I need to find something else soon.

I graduated from Huron High School in June 2006. I went to Henry Ford Community College for two semesters my senior year. Since graduating, I haven't returned to school because of money issues and because I don't know what I want to be, so why spend thousands of dollars on something and hate it? I plan on going back over the next couple of years and doing something with english and kids, maybe teaching or running my own day care or something.

My immediate family is my mom, Kim, dad, Ken, and Alex and Alyssa. I also still have one set of grandparents, my maternal set, Mike and Mary, or just grandma and grandpa. They've been together for fifty one years and have four kids, Cindy [my god-mother], John, Tim and then my mom [the baby]. I am extremely close to my grandparents. We [my parents, siblings and I] have lived with them basically my entire life. Even now, they live next to my parents. I am also extremely close to my Aunt Cindy and her husband, Sam, who is also my god-father. Their three kids, Christina, Michelle and Peter, refer to me as their 'god-sister' and they're my 'god-siblings'. Christina has two kids, Cole and Madison and Michelle has two children, Riley and Vinnie. I'll talk about them from time to time. I have five other first cousins [Johnny, Crystal, Vanessa, Stephanie and Felicia] who have been mentioned in here from time to time also. Stephanie is in the Air Force. She and her husband [who is also in the Air Force] have one daughter, Alana, who is going to be two this July. Vanessa is pregnant and due in February of this year. Felicia is twenty-four days older than me, so we've always been real close. Johnny and Crystal are talked about all the time since Johnny lives with us and Crystal is a fuck up. My mom's family is huge. My grandpa is one of nine and my grandma is one of seventeen. I know all of my aunts and uncles and most of my cousins, although I don't really talk about them at all.

My dad's side is small. Both of his parents are deceased. My grandma died in April of 2002 and my grandpa died in August of 2003 of lung cancer. They were divorced and had been since my dad was like seven, I think. [Odd Fact: both sets of my grandparents [maternal and paternal] were married on the same day, December first, but different years</i>]. My dad is technically an only child, but has six step siblings who have never treated him any different. From my grandpa, I Aunt Cindy and Aunt Kathy who I've met and send e-mails back and forth with from time to time, and an Uncle Ken who I've never met and don't really know much about. I have cousins from them, but I don't really talk to them or talk about them. We just recently started talking to this side of the family since my grandpa's death, so our relationship is still fairly new. On my grandma's side, I have an Aunt Laura and Aunt Tina who we talk to and are still really close with and also a Kevin. He is my uncle, but I refuse to claim him or acknowledge him in any way shape or form. I haven't talked to Kevin since my grandpa's funeral, even though I've been in the same room/area with him and his family many times. This is for personal reasons that are too long to list right now, but if you ask, I'll probably make another post about it. I don't know any of my grandpa's extended family [sisters, aunts, cousins, etc], but I do know my grandma's. All of my grandma's siblings are deceased. My last living great aunt, Diane, died in Deceeber 2004, right before Christmas. We are close to her kids, Paulette and Scott, who have been mentioned in my journal a few times. My grandma also had a sister, Chris, who had two daughter, Ann Marie and Rebecca/Becky. Since my Aunt Chris' death, we lost contact with Ann Marie, but talk to Becky all the time. Becky owns a cabin rental down in Ohio that we talk about going to from time to time, but never really make it down there. Becky's daughter, Elizabeth, is coming to spend some of the summer up here with Tommy and I, I think. She'll probably be here for two-three weeks. She'll be sixteen.

Although they aren't considered blood, I consider Trish's kids my cousins. Trish is Johnny's fiance, in case you didn't know. She and Johnny have been together for almost ten years. She has four kids with her first husband, Val, 24, Jessy, 23 as of May 7 [she's a day older than Tommy], Keith, 20, and Melanie, who will be 19 in April. I am not that close to Val, but I am totally close to Jessy, Keith and Melanie, especially Melanie.

I'm pretty sure that wraps up my family. If I think of anything else, this will be edited.

I've had KitKat, my cat at my parents house, since I was nine/ten months old. I got him as a kitten my first Easter. He is going to be nineteen this March. When I moved out, my parents and I decided that he was too old to move too, so I gave him to them. I love my kitty, but he's getting old. He is completely deaf and has been for almost four years. He is also going blind. My parents and I have started to discuss putting him to sleep, but I don't think I could. Other than the blindness and deafness, he is still healthy, according to the vet. Its going to break my heart when we put him down.

At our house, we have a zoo, which started with Tommy's saltwater fish tank. He had a ten gallon at his parents house. When we moved to the apartment, we upgraded to a forty gallon and now at the house, we have a fifty-five gallon, which sometime over the next couple of years, will be upgraded to a seventy-five or 100 gallon tank. When Tommy moved into his apartment, we decided to get a pet that was ours and to keep him company when I wasn't there. We got Ella, our kitten the day before Easter 2006. She was five weeks old, exactly. Her birthday is March 8, 2006, making her almost two years old. She's a little spitfire. We sometimes refer to her as 'Spawn of Satan'. She's mellowed down a lot now, but she's still got an attitude problem most of the time. In August 2006, at the state fair, we add two new babies to our ever-growing family, two baby sugar gliders. We named them Petrie and Clover, but have since started calling them Momma and Daddy/Petrie. Shortly after moving into our house, they had two babies, a little boy and a little girl. We gave the little girl to Jessy, who named her Roxanne [Roxy for short]. We still have the little boy, we named him Spicoli. We almost lost Momma after the babies were born, but she's a little fighter and made it through.

Wrapping up our babies is our most recent addition [except a few fish here and there], Bailey. She was my Valentines Day present last year. She is a one year old beagle and my baby. She is at my feet as we speak. Her birthday is November 28th. Sometime this summer, depending on if Johnny and Trish move out, we hope to get her a brother or sister to play with since she loves interacting with other dogs, but we're afraid she'll hurt Johnny's so we don't let her play with them.

I also have a ten gallon freshwater fish tank, but with nothing spectacular. Its a couple of gold fish and a guppie.

How long have you had a LJ:
I've had this name since April 25, 2006, but I had a previous name, babacakes336, since April 26, 2004. So I've been on livejournal for going on four years. Crazy, right? I am in the middle of figuring out a rename though, so you should comment with ideas. : ]

Why did you pick this username:
Well, I love the beach and at the time, I was a bum. It was close to the end of senior year, so senioritis had kicked in full force and I was lazy and didn't do much of anything.

here. Unless you comment here saying you plan on adding me, I'll probably deny you, though. I don't add strangers.

Favorite Movies:
I have a huge list, so here goes: The Goonies, Peter Pan, The Outsiders, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, My Fair Lady, Breakfast At Tiffany's, The Cutting Edge, Harry Potter, Finding Nemo, Meet The Robinsons, Knocked Up, Bio-Dome, Spice World, Shrek one and two, Shrek the Third, Raising Helen, How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days, Eight Below, Pool Hall Junkies, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, The Addams Family, The Addams Family Two, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clue, Step-Mom, Pretty Woman, Run Away Bride, Sweet Home Alabama, Fast and the Furious, Just my Luck, Mean Girls, Transformers, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, The Princess Diaries one and two, Ella Enchanted, Bicentennial Man, Romeo + Juliet, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, What a Girl Wants, She's the Man, Hairspray, Grease one and two, Remember the Titans, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless, A Cinderella Story, Ever After, Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, Fools Rush In, Monster's Inc, Edward Scissorhands, The DaVinci Code, Big, The Incredibles, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Memoirs of a Geisha, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Prince and Me, Cars, Ratatouille, Ten Things I Hate About You, A League of Their Own, A Walk to Remember, How to Catch a Yeti, Cheaper by the Dozen [both the original and remake], Elf, Yours Mine and Ours, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Death Becomes Her, Flubber, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Down to You, Father of the Bride, Freaky Friday, George of the Jungle, Hocus Pocus, Holes, Homeward Bound, Inspector Gadget, John Tucker Must Die, Just Like Heaven, Legally Blond, Lilo and Stitch, Marie Antoinette, Night at the Museum, Rudy, She's All That, The Great Mouse Detective, What Lies Beneath and basically anything: girly, Disney, eighties [Molly Ringwald, Emilo Estavez, etc] or has Audrey Hepburn in it, plus, there are probably more movies, but I couldn't think of them off the top of my head.

Favorite music:
I'm going through my iPod and just putting down a few [or a lot] of favorites. Here goes: 311, 98 Degrees, A Perfect Circle, A Static Lullaby, AFI, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alan Jackson, Alanis Morrisette, All American Rejects, All Time Low, Aly & AJ, Amber Pacific, Ashley Tisdale, The Ataris, B*Witched, The Bangles, Bayside, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Big & Rich, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Blake Sheldon, Bleed the Dream, Bless the Fall, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Bob Segar, Bon Jovi, Boys Like Girls, Brad Paisley, Breaking Benjamin, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Cauterize, Cheap Trick, Chris Daughtry, Circa Survive, Coheed and Cambria, Colbie Calliat, Cute Is What We Aim For, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, Dierks Bentley, Dixie Chicks, Dolly Parton, The Doors, The Eagles, Edwin McCain, Elvis Presley, Escape the Fate, Faith Hill, Fall Out Boy, Finley Quaye, Firehouse, Flogging Molly, Frank Sinatra, Fuel, Funeral For A Friend, Good Charlotte, Guns & Roses, Haste the Day, Hinder, Janes Addicition, Jason Michael Carroll, Jeff Buckley, Jessica Andrews, Jessica Simpson, Jet, Johnny Cash, Jordin Sparks, Journey, Kanye West, Keith Sweat, Kellie Pickler, Kenny Chesney, The Killers, Killswitch Engage, Lady of Peace, Led Zepplin, Linkin Park, Live, Loretta Lynn, Louis Armstrong, Ludacris, Lyndyrd Skynyrd, Mandy Moore, Maroon Five, Marvin Gay, Master P, MC Hammer, Meg & Dia, Motley Crue, Mr. Big, My Chemical Romance, Nada Surf, Nelly, New Found Glory, Nirvana, Notorious BIG, NSync, Pantera, Papa Roach, Paramore, Patsy Cline.. okay, you get the idea.

Favorite TV shows:
I'll watch anything really. I especially watch HGTV, TLC, Lifetime and The Discovery Channel on a daily basis. I like older tv shows like The Nanny, Golden Girls, Reba, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, etc. As for newer/current shows, I watch Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money, Heroes, The OC, and a few others. Mostly, everything is DVRed, so I actually have no idea what time its actually on.

People you talk about a lot:
Tommy will be talked about the most. We're in a relationship, we live together, and we're getting married. I think its a safe assumption to just expect him to be mentioned on a daily basis. I guess I can talk about him and brag about him a little. I met Tommy in December of 2002 online. His friend Gary [see below] had asked Tommy to 'talk him up' to me. Okay, whatever. Tommy and I talked and realized we had a lot in common [and I mean a lot]. Well, I started dating Gary in February of 2003. Since Gary didn't have his license, we hung out with Tommy a lot. Fast foreward from February to July. Gary cheated on me with Lisa, who happened to be a close friend of mine and Tommy's major crush for basically forever. My other friends didn't understand what I was going through, but Tommy had somewhat of an idea, so we started talking and hanging out more one on one. Well, one thing led to another, and we fell for eachother, hard. After close to a month of hanging out and making out, I finally got the guts to ask him out, online. I was hanging out with my cousin and her friends, and Tommy agreed to come pick us up from her friends house and we'd hang out that night. Well, I asked and then went away real quick because I was afraid to see his answer. He said yes, obviously. We've been together since October 8, 2003. Since, we've had some rocky times, but we know we're in this for the long haul. He spoils me. Seriously. I love just spending time with him. He gives me butterflies.

I will talk about my family a lot. Mostly it will be my parents, siblings, grand parents and my cousins who live with us. We spend a lot of time with my family doing random things. I'll also talk about his family from time to time, although we really don't spend a lot of time with them.

After the whole ordeal with Gary and Lisa, we are still friends. Tommy considers Gary his best friend [next to me]. We hang out a lot with them.

Random friends will be mentioned from time to time. I usually explain them in the entry, but here's a few. Alicia [and Aryn]: I met Alicia on the first day of kindergarden back in the day. We were inseperable since day one. We were in Girl Scouts together. Our mom's were close friends, too. We used to get stopped and asked if we were sisters, cousins, etc, since we looked a lot a like, and so did our moms. When I moved from Melvindale to Huron after third grade, we kind of drifted apart. When I was in seventh grade, our friend Cori moved to Huron from Melvindale and gave Alicia my new number. We started hanging out again and were basically inseperable again. Its been the same ever since. In 2005, she started dating Aryn. I guess we were in all the same classes from Kindergarden through third grade, but I don't remember him. Anyway, he's an awesome guy. They got married in October 2007. I was in the wedding. Aryn's in the Navy and is currently based in Georgia. They are expecting a little boy in March.
Sara: Sara is my bestbestbest friend. We've gone to the same church since we were born. I love her to death. There's no real story here. Her mom died of breast cancer when we were juniors in high school. It was probably the saddest funeral I've ever been to. Her dad is a butthead. I love her.

That's probably really it.

Okay, now for other random facts:

My birthday is June 27, 1988.
Drunk driving makes me sick to my stomach. My 'big brother' died in an accident when I was in junior high. Also, my cousin's accident where he almost died was also caused by alcohol. I start to hyperventilate when I hear someone talk about it. Unless its on my terms, I won't discuss it. I refuse to let people drive after drinking. I steal keys whether its one drink or 10.
I am a sucker for celeb gossip. I read PinkIsTheNewBlog everyday.
I like to read. I will read anything that comes in a paperback. The only books I'll read hard cover are Harry Potter, as soon as they come out, and then I purchase the paperback edition. They are easier to toss in my purse as I'm running out the door.
I love coffee and chocolate.
I am Italian. I can cook.
I am Irish. I have a mean temper.
I am German. I like my alcohol.
I am a Christan. Lutheran to be exact. I believe in God (obviously). I've gone to the same church since I was born, so has my mother and grandpa.
Although I am Lutheran, I still believe in Karma, and yes, she is a bitch. (For those of you that don't know, Karma is both Buddhist and Hindi).
I used to write; a lot. I stopped for some reason. I have notebooks and notebooks full of short stories and poems that I've never shown anyone.
I will write a book someday. Just you watch.
My favorite animals are llamas, turtles and ducks/geese. Yes, I realize this are random. lol
I don't believe in second chances. I've been hurt and screwed over too many times before.
I've had my heartbroken. Once.
I love baseball. The Tigers to be more exact. I am not a lipstick fan (or a fan when they are doing well). I've probably been to a hundred games over the last 19 years.
The Outsiders is my favorite book of all time. I read it in 8th grade and over the course of the two weeks it took everyone else to read, I read it 8 times.
Yes, I am a bookworm.
I love bon fires and camping.
Oh, and 'smores.
Cheesecake is an obsession.
My two favorite colors are green and yellow.
When we go out to dinner, I look at the dessert menu first.
I love thunderstorms. Especially when I'm camping and we have a tin roof (like a camper roof). Its the most relaxing sound ever.
I don't believe in using abortion as a form of birth control. If you are mature and responsible enough to have sex, you should be mature and responsible enough to deal with the consequences. Period.
I am borderline obsessed with pirates.
We've had scares in the past when we thought we were pregnant.
I will most likely forgive you if you screw me over, but remember; payback's a bitch.
I believe in Carpe Diem.
I set my hopes too high and get really upset when things don't work out.
I plan on voting for Hilary Clinton in 2008.
I am scared to death of my grandparents dying. I am so close to them, I honestly get sick to my stomach and have an anxiety attack when I think about it. I don't know what I'm going to do if and when anything happens to them.
My grandpa is in his seventies and is more active than most teenagers I know.
My AIM screen name is Antonia Was Like. You can IM me there.

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From: crimsonique Date: July 24th, 2007 05:06 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm lazy, but I promise, one day I will read this and be like "I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!" LMAO.
ecstatiic From: ecstatiic Date: July 24th, 2007 12:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
that's not even everything. there's more to add, but i got bored. lol