Being in a state of ecstasy; joyful or enraptured

αиτоиια ಌ's τноmαs
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I am Antonia. I am nineteen and will be twenty in June of this year. I have an amazing boyfriend, who I live with, Tommy. We've been together for almost five years. I am a full time nanny to two awesome kids. I love them. My house is usually a mess, but whatever. I have a ton of pets who I consider my babies even if I didn't birth them. I am a blunt person and I probably won't take any of your crap. Take it or leave it; I could honestly care less. I have a public about me post found here. Everything else you need to know can be found there.


My journal is 100% locked. This will honestly never change. In this journal, I write daily ramblings, bitch posts and basically anything else I want because as the title of this section says, its MY JOURNAL. Because of my age and relationship status and basically what I am currently doing with my life, I have some rules that you should read before considering to add me. They can be found on my Friends Only entry. If you have any questions, please leave a comment there. I do friends cuts every once in a while, and when they are done, I ban whoever is cut. I'm anal and have to have everything equal. Also, please do not promote on my friends only page. I have a promo post. Use that. There are also rules that can be found there.

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